1. What do you do here? What is this place?

We are a sports facility designed specifically for kids, and offer classes to children of all ages. In addition we have Birthday Parties, Parents’ Night Out, and many special events throughout the year.

2. Do you have free play?

All of our classes are tuition-based and involved ongoing education. We do not have open gym or other open areas.

3. Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, we have one risk free trial classes at no charge.

4. What happens if I miss a class?

Actively enrolled students who miss a class due to illness, holiday, emergency or snow day can sign up for our monthly makeup day. This is usually the last Friday of each month. Call the office to sign up for the make-up day.

5 . Is there a family discount?

Yes, siblings receive $5 discount off monthly tuition, and $5 discount off the annual registration fee.

Enrollment Information


Online is the quickest. In person and by phone, we’ll walk you through the procedures. We are a year round school with no long-term commitments. You may enroll or un-enroll anytime. Tuition is prorated in weekly increments based on your enrollment dates.


Tuition is paid monthly via direct debit from any major credit or debit card on the 5th day of each month. Declined payments (expired card, etc.) must be remedied on or before the 30th day of the month or you risk losing your class spot to a waiting student. Tuition is budgeted which allows for a Holiday Break in December as well as some other holiday breaks. We do not charge more for “long” months or less for “short” months. Over the year, all 12 months average four weeks.


To opt out of direct debit, simply pay your tuition using any alternative method of payment before the 5th day of the month and your card on file will not be charged.



Enroll anytime!


Changing class day or time is permitted at any time during your enrollment as long as there is room in the desired class. Tuition increases could apply. No refunds or credits will be given when transferring an enrollment. Your tuition will simply be transferred to the new class or program.


To un-enroll from class, you must submit your request to un-enroll in writing including the future date of your last desired class. Upon receiving your request, we will update your enrollment accordingly. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes.

General Information


● Within 4 weeks after missed class date

● Must be actively enrolled to schedule

● To schedule, call the office 336 869-3589


That we closely limit the number of students in each class is a good thing. Enrolling and un-enrolling on a regular basis disrupts a child’s learning process and could prevent you from retaining your class spot.


On occasion, weather or other natural occurrences may force HPGA to close. HPGA does NOT align itself with the weather decisions of your School District. HPGA serves many school districts. You will find the FIRST and OFFICIAL WORD about weather and related closings at For your convenience we may also place announcements elsewhere; however all other sources of weather information should be considered secondary.


Moms, Dads, for the sake of your child as well as the other children, please be on time! Being late is more distressing to your child than most parents realize.


HPGA is NOT equipped to supervise children before or after classes. Parents or caregivers of children too young to supervise themselves are to stay ONSITE. Thank you for making safety a priority!


HPGA is proud of its long history of success including children with special challenges into regular programming. Help us help you! Communicating to the instructor any unique needs your child may have is crucial to our ability to create the best experience for your child. SAFETY NOTE: If any child’s participation in any way jeopardizes the SAFETY of that child or other child or adult, HPGA will request that a parent or adult caregiver be present in the class.