We are often asked, “Is there anything I can work on with my child at home? The answer is, “YES”!!!

Strength and Flexibility

While repetition of skills is a good way to improve that skill, it is not recommended to practice skills at home. The risk of getting hurt is not worth it…besides that is what we are here for!

A strong core and flexible muscles will always increase the chances of achieving those much-desired skills.  With that in mind, please remember every child is different. They develop at different rates and therefore, skills are attained at different times.  Try not to compare your child to another child; instead, look at the growth they have attained throughout the semester.


Planks are probably the best things you can do for your core.  No equipment required. You can do them anywhere and there are many variations of them to keep it from getting boring.

  1. Start with 20 second holds
  2. Rock from one side to the other (keeping a tight core)
  3. Extend one arm out forward, then the other

Add more time and reps as you become proficient with each step.

You can do them with your child as well. Bonding and getting some physical activity with your child shows interest and makes for some great memories.



Where do I start?

  • Shoulders
    • Holding a bungee cord with both hands and bringing it over your head and back, bringing your hands closer each time will stretch shoulders.
  • Legs
    • Straddle
    • Sitting in straddles during commercials when watching TV (belly down)
  • Hamstrings
    • Pike sit (stretching forward), Foot up on a chair or step (stretching forward)
    • Hip Flexors
    • Seal stretch (hips down to the ground)

You can Google or YouTube for more stretches in each of these areas to get a better idea of what you can do.

As a final note: There has to be BALANCE in anything you do…If you are very flexible, you are probably weaker in strength, and vice versa.  We tend to avoid what we’re weak at, but once we become stronger in those areas, we become more motivated to work on them.