There are many gyms and programs I visit as the Head Coach of The University of Alabama Gymnastics program. I want to commend you for the environment your have created to be welcoming to me as your guest, to see and feel you are focused not only on excellent gymnastics but the development of the character of your athletes. That is a blessing to everyone and I see those qualities every time I have visited. Roll Tide!
— Dana Duckworth (Alabama head coach)

Our family loves HPGA! Everything from girls gymnastics to boys gymnastics, as well as my daughter’s private training lessons for Special Olympics. All the coaches are professional and are so great with my kids! They give my kids instruction, encouragement and the opportunity to excel as gymnasts, not to mention the great exercise I know my kids are getting. HPGA stood out as the best opportunity for my kids to achieve and succeed! Thank you, HPGA!
— brad & barbie wright

My daughter Macy has developed self-confidence and a great work ethic through gymnastics.  The program at High Point Gymnastics is both challenging and encouraging.  It is amazing to watch the process of skill development through the experience and dedication of the High Point coaches.
— Carla Ferrara

Little did we know that when our son enrolled in Mommy & Me classes in 2003, our family would still be a part of HPGA 10 years later, as our daughter just finished her 1st year of competition on the Level 3 team. Throughout her early years in gymnastics, Hannah gained valuable experience in how to interact with her peers, how to listen and follow directions, and how to “play” in order to learn balance, gain upper body strength and refine her motor skills. As she progressed through the classes and onto the girls’ team, Hannah has gained many new gymnastics skills and has grown stronger physically; but we are most impressed by her discipline, focus, organization, cooperation, respect, compassion and intent on being a team player both in the gym and in other aspects of her life. The coaching staff at every level has been supportive and caring. They enjoy what they do and the exorbitant amount of time that they put in with their gymnasts is much appreciated. They encourage the girls to try new skills, assist them as they perfect these skills and push them through the training and strengthening necessary for success. Hannah and her teammates put lots of time, sweat and tears into this sport, and best of all SHE LOVES IT!
— Monty & Kim Pendry

Gymnastics at HPGA has helped our daughter, Abigail, follow her dreams of being a gymnast. The coaches at HPGA have helped her gain strength, discipline and confidence. We appreciate all the opportunities HPGA has given our family while we watch Abigail grow as an individual and continue to achieve her goals. We are proud to call HPGA our second home!
— Freddie & Kim Turza

HPGA has become the highlight of our week for almost 3 years now! Our daughter started Mommy and Me at 16 months and is now on her own in the preschool class. She is literally growing up with the fabulous coaching staff who welcomes her with hugs and shares a personal interest in her development in and out of the gym. We look forward to many years to come at HPGA and cannot wait to get “little sister” in class! Thank you for all you do to build up our children both mentally and physically!
— Cindy Mewhorter

We have been with HPGA since 2008, when my daughter was just 5 years old. We give credit to HPGA, specifically the coaches, for helping to instill confidence, leadership and a strong work ethic in our daughter’s character, which transcend into her everyday life. When you join the HPGA family, you are investing in your child’s success, both inside and outside the gym.
— Tiffany & Kevin Brown

HPGA has been a great choice for our girls. Not only are they building their gymnastic skills , they are gaining self-confidence, discipline and healthy living skills that they will be able to use for a lifetime. The coaches are wonderful and really care about each gymnast. HPGA is wonderful family gym.
— Todd & Tammy Parrett

I have two children who both started in the beginners classes at High Point Gymnastics Academy. They both now have advanced to the highest competitive level of gymnastics. The dedication that it takes to compete in gymnastics has taught both of my children how to manage their time between school and gymnastics. Christian has been given the opportunity to attend a great college, Penn State University, on a gymnastics scholarship, which would not have been possible had it not been for the great coaches at High Point Gymnastics. I am thankful that both of my children have had the benefit of growing, learning and achieving their goals at High Point Gymnastics. Thank You, HPGA!
— Renee & Scott McSwain

When we started our very active daughter at HPGA, we were happy to think that she would not only be getting the wiggles out, but she would also increase her overall physical abilities.  We were happily surprised,  however, when we realized that some of the things she has gained far outweigh the physical benefits.  She has learned how to encourage others and has felt encouraged by other adults as well as her peers.  She is learning how to  best handle disappointments along with victories, how to persevere and work hard for something she wants and what it means to be  part of a team. We are thankful she has the opportunity to not just become a better gymnast but a better person through her involvement at HPGA.
— Rick & Gina Newnum

We have been involved with HPGA for over 7 years. We have taken recreational classes, homeschool classes and team classes. Gymnastics has been a very positive experience for our family. Great physical exercise and great coaches!
— Chris Abbott


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