HPGA Rules

Rules and Safety Procedures for a Fun and Successful Year

  1. Gymnasts should wear proper attire when working out or attending classes in the gym. Leotards or athletic clothes are recommended. Please avoid baggy and restrictive clothing.

  2. Bare feet give traction and stability on the equipment and when tumbling, so we ask that gymnasts attend class barefoot for safety reasons. There are cubbies located in the lobby to store personal belongings.

  3. Gymnasts with long hair must have their hair pulled back from their face at all times. Hair elastics and plain snap clips work best; plastic barrettes, beaded ponytail holders, and other hair accessories are a safety hazard and are painful for tumbling.

  4. Please remove all jewelry before attending class. Stud earrings are acceptable, but not recommended.

  5. Food and drinks are only allowed in the lobby area. Please have gymnasts finish all snacks and drinks before attending class.

  6. Gum and candy are not allowed in the gym at any time. There are trash receptacles in the lobby for your convenience.


Please refrain from coaching from the sidelines. The gymnasts are with well-trained and highly-qualified coaches, and it is important that we establish a coach-student relationship during class. If there is a safety or discipline issue that we cannot resolve, we will immediately contact you. Similarly, if there are questions or concerns that you wish to discuss with us, please feel free to do so before or after class so we can work together to make this a successful year for you and your gymnasts.

Thank You and Enjoy!!