Gymnastics is an excellent way for children to gain confidence and build self-esteem while improving their strength, balance, flexibility and endurance; plus, gymnastics helps develop self-discipline, time management skills, focus and concentration. The skills children gain from participating in gymnastics will continue to benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Come join us at HPGA, where we’ve been working hard to help make gymnastics a high point in your and your children’s lives since 1986.



Our Tumblebunnies program uses a well-rounded curriculum designed to help develop balance, strength, flexibility, gross motor and social skills. We encourage active participation to teach children that they can be successful, that learning is fun and that they should always get up and try again.

Our themed lesson plans introduce basic gymnastics fundamentals, as well as developmental and age-appropriate skills. We do this by holding our tumblebunnies classes in our briarpatch where we incorporate games and creative movements in a safe, fun environment.

HPGA Tumblebunnies program is sized just right for your young, growing athlete. If you have any questions throughout the school year, please feel free to speak with your child’s instructor; the lines of communication are always open! 


(18 months–3 yrs)

45 min/week: This class requires parent participation. The instructors work with the parents and the parents take an active role in their child’s development. The structure of this class focuses on gross motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, jumping, running and balancing using gymnastics equipment. This class is the perfect time for parent-child bonding.


(3–4 yrs)

45 min/week: This is the first class without parent involvement; listening skills, following directions, cooperation and participation are encouraged and nurtured. This class focuses on basic gymnastics skills and encourages names of positions and independent movement. The fun-themed lesson plans help to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.


(4–5 yrs)

1 hr/week: This is a continuation of the PreK Bouncers 3–4 class and builds on basic gymnastics skills with more advanced skill progressions. This class helps form a strong foundation in preparation for our school-age program.


These are team-track classes, which means instructor evaluation & placement is required. Competition of these classes may either lead into our recreational girls program Levels 1–3 or into our USAG compulsory team. 


(4–5 yrs): 3 hr/week

  • Tuesday & Thursday - 3:00pm–4:30pm


(5–8 yrs): 3 hr/week

  • Tuesday & Thursday - 4:30pm–6:30pm




Classes for Boys and Girls of All Ages!

What is the Recreation Program? The girls Recreational classes provide an excellent way for children to gain confidence and build self-esteem while improving their strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Gymnastics also helps develop self-discipline, time management skills, focus, and concentration. We believe that the skills children gain from participating in gymnastics will continue to benefit them for the rest of their lives.


Structure: The Girls Rec Program is divided into levels 1, 2 and 3. Students will learn the routines associated with their level. These routines can be found on the website for extra practice at home and for your reference.

Advancement: The Girls Rec Program is made up of skill levels 1, 2 and 3. Completing a level for a season does not imply advancement to the next level. Quite frequently in this sport, gymnasts need multiple seasons at a given level. We will be testing your daughter on strength, flexibility, and skill. This testing will help the coaches’ judge the right time to move them up to the next level.

Level 1 (ages 6 and up): 1 hr/week

Level 2 (ages 6 and up): 1 hr/week 

 Level 3 (ages 6 and up): 1.5 hr/week 

Girls Rec Team (ages 6 and up): 4 hr/week    

The Girls Rec Team is a recreational, competitive team and will compete January–May. Instructor evaluation & placement is required.


Beginner (ages 6 and up): 1 hr/week 

Intermediate (ages 6 and up): 1.5 hr/week 


Gymnasts must be able to complete a forward roll and a cartwheel to join the Tumbling class. To join the Advanced Tumbling class, gymnasts must also be able to complete a roundoff backhandspring.

Tumbling (ages 6 and up): 1.5 hr/week 

Adv. Tumbling (ages 6 and up): 1.5 hr/week 


The goal of our homeschool program is to make gymnastics an accessible way for children to explore movement, fitness and physical activity while maintaining a fun, positive environment. We seek to promote gymnastics as an avenue towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

Unlike our level-based recreational classes, our homeschool program is structured based on age. While gymnastics skill development is still incredibly important to us, it is not our primary focus. Rather, we concentrate more on overall physical fitness, while using specific drills and progressions to develop acrobatic skills. Many times people forget the sheer amount of conditioning and flexibility that goes into the workouts of the top athletes in our sport. Instead of rushing to get the back handspring—risking injury and unnecessary stress on the body—we break the skill down into small parts, while focusing on the strength and flexibility required to successfully complete the skill with proper technique and form. When all of these pieces fall into place, the skill comes with limited stress to the gymnast’s body.

We know a lot of thought went into your decision to homeschool your child, and your ultimate goal is for him or her to receive a top-notch, tailored education with the added benefit of spending more time together. Our goal is to contribute to your child’s academic experience by providing a means of superior physical education.

Homeschool (ages 5–7): 1 hr/week

Homeschool (ages 8 and up): 1 hr/week