Who we are

HPGA History

Marie Travers was born in New York City and moved overseas with her family to Dublin, Ireland, where she met her husband Bob. Marie and Bob were best friends growing up in Ireland. Bob had his eye on Marie for many years and the two were married on August 8th, 1951. They proceeded to have four lovely children together: Larry, Rob, Brian, and Siobann. The family made the move to New Jersey when the couple’s son Robert was young. Years later, Rob developed a vision of opening his own gymnastics business. At the age of 19, Rob moved to North Carolina and began working for a gym that met in the YMCA. Parents Bob and Marie soon agreed to be partners with Rob in his new business plan, and also made the move to North Carolina. They rented a facility for two years just down the road from where HPGA is today until they decided it was time to invest. When the time came to apply for Rob’s first loan, it was his friend, Randy Smith, who agreed to cosign with him. They proceeded to buy the property for HPGA and began to build. Their grand opening was in September of 1988. As partners in the business, Rob, Bob, and Marie committed their lives to making HPGA a place where happy, healthy, responsible adults are shaped through gymnastics. To this day, Rob continues to carry on the family business and share his passion and love for the sport of gymnastics.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality gymnastic training to children of all ages and levels in a safe, positive and stimulating environment while developing strong and happy young people of good character and good sportsmanship.